L8guard Free Trial Details

Most of our clients choose to run a free three month no obligation trial of L8guard. This three month trial period provides a perfect opportunity to experience the simplicity of the system, the reports it provides and see an improvement in compliance prior to making any decision to purchase.

We recommend running the trial in up to six departments, entering both legionella (twice weekly flushing) and pseudomonas (daily flushing) areas where applicable.

Setting up the trial is very easy. We populate the system for you with all the required building, room and contact details and continue open communication with administrators and users via telephone and email.

Over the trial period we gradually increase the compliance reports that L8guard automatically sends out for you, ensuring that by using L8guard you have an instant audit trail.

At the end of this three month period an ‘End of Trial’ meeting is held giving us the opportunity to gain your feedback, discuss the reports received and, hopefully, decide on a ‘go live’ date.



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e: enquiries@l8guard.co.uk

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