Flushing Matters


L8guard is a web-based software system that enables you to fully manage low-use water outlet flushing regimes across your entire estate.

L8guard greatly reduces the administration overheads of processing low-use water outlet risk assessments whilst providing up-to-the minute statistical information and analysis.

By replacing paper based systems such as log-books, L8guard provides a proactive instant audit trail helping to ensure ACOP L8, HTM 04-01 and HSG 274 compliance.




L8guard in the NHS


Low-use water outlets must be identified and flushed through twice weekly or even daily in critical care areas and the process must be continually documented to meet HTM 04-01 and HSG-274 compliancy.

If no low-use outlets are identified this must also be recorded. In the event of an HSE or CQC investigation a complete audit trail is necessary in order to demonstrate compliance.

By working with departmental contacts, the system automatically generates risk assessment forms and tracks responses through to completion, escalating when necessary and providing a fully closed-loop audit trail.


“It’s simple. L8guard records whether you have flushed or not and if not, it will escalate the issue to the next person in the chain. It’s brilliant, a cracking system. We’ve really benefited from it.”


Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

“Existing users say it typically takes them under a minute to complete the assessment” view F.A.Q’s


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